Our tele-cytology service enables veterinarians to submit digital microscope images to the ASAP laboratory by email. Our pathologists will review the images and email back a report. For urgent or intra-operative samples please phone the lab and discuss the case directly with our pathologists.

The Tele-Cytology service aims to help you further develop your in-clinic cytology skills, and provide a prompt feedback in certain scenarios. Although images are not always diagnostic, with practice, Tele-cytology can prove to be a very useful screening technique for cost-sensitive and time-sensitive cases.

Captured images can also be shared with clients and colleagues, attached to the patient’s file and be used for further in-house training or publications.

Please contact us for further details.

To submit a case please send images by email to:

In the subject line please include: Tele-cytology for “clinic name and patient name”

 In the body of the email please include: Signalment, history, relevant clinical findings, veterinarian’s name and your in-clinic cytology impressions to aid interpretation. You are also encouraged to add images of the gross pathology.