2015 Webinars for Veterinarians and Nurses


Tuesday 10th March, 8pm

A Refresher on Blood Film Examination

Dr. Carl Muhlnickel - Senior Clinical Pathologist ASAP Laboratory


ASAP leukocyte notes.pdf

Introduction to haematology and blood smear preparation.pdf

microscope care.pdf


Tuesday 14th April 8PM

Mastering the Orthopaedic Exam – Tips and Tricks

Dr. Chris Preston, Registered Specialist small animal surgery

Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre




Tuesday 2nd June, 8PM

Non-Chemotherapy Options for Cancer

Dr. Laura Brockley & Dr. Maureen Cooper  

Registered Specialists  in Small Animal Oncology

Victorian Animal Cancer Care

There are many ways to attack cancer, chemotherapy is NOT the only medical treatment. This lecture will touch on some more recent therapies such as immunotherapy, small molecule inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies.


Tuesday 4th August 8PM

Otitis Management and Treatments

Dr. Fiona Bateman. Animal Dermatology Solutions


Tuesday 22nd September 8PM

Respiratory Infections

Laura Hardefeldt – Registered Specialist in Large animal Medicine

Tarwin Vet Group, Leongatha.


Tuesday 20th October  8PM

Immunohistochemistry – when to use it and why?

Dr. Lorna Rasmussen. Registered Specialist Pathologist, ASAP Laboratory.

Tuesday 17th November, 8PM

Diagnosis and Management of Anaemia in Cats

Dr. Carolyn O’Brien, Registered Feline Specialist

Melbourne Cat Referral


Tuesday 8th December 8PM


Dr Steve Holloway, Registered Specialist - Small Animal Medicine

Advanced VetCare