DNA Testing


Our Vision in Genetic Testing

Our responsibility and vision as veterinarians is to become leaders in genetic testing, making it more affordable and more accessible for everyone. The beneficiaries of this strategy are going to be the animals, free of genetic disease, with happy owners enjoying this bond for more years to come.

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Join the Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Program

Different organizations recognize animals based on specific criteria that are not necessarily health related. The Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Certification Program is designed to have HEALTH as its main focus.

The Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Certification Program was created to help deliver confidence to the public. Confidence in the knowledge that animals obtained with a VGA certificate, have been vet checked and their DNA tested for a wide range of genetic heritable diseases.

The program also offers breeders an opportunity to demonstrate that they make every effort to ensure animals they breed, are clear of genetic or heritable disease

The VGA operates on a cost recovery basis with any surplus donated to research. VGA Certificate generally cost $25.00

There are 3 documents required for VGA certification. Once received the VGA office will issue the certificate;

1. Genetic Disease Screen Report from a participating laboratory

2. A veterinary clinical examination report  -View a copy of the report. This form can be filled during routine 

                                                                            vaccination, microchipping or first puppy consultation

  1. 3.Positive identification via a microchip certificate

Visit the VGA Website to Join the program and for more details