Incorporate DNA Testing Into Your Practice 

ASAP offer an extensive range of molecular (DNA) tests and services.  This knowledge enables you to offer personalized care according to your pet’s unique genetic makeup, breed and age.  It makes it possible for you to be on the look-out for certain symptoms and conditions, to diagnose the disease early and make treatments more effective.

Canine Genetic Disease Screen:
This is a full disease screen that includes multiple diseases - the charge is the same whether you request a single test or the whole panel. The whole panel is more suitable animals of unknown/unproven breed. For pure breed dogs, only some of these will be relevant as most mutations are only documented for in certain breeds. See the full list in our service directory (procelist).

Please note: Renal Dysplasia is no longer available. Also this panel DOES NOT include definitive results for PRA-prcd or CEA. Due to patent restrictions we are only able to offer this service to breeders by confirming parentage (i.e. clear by parentage).

Pedigree Dog Full Genetic Profile:
This profile is available for pure breed dogs only. It includes the Canine Genetic Disease Screen (only relevant disease to the breed are included) PLUS coat colours and traits PLUS a DNA profile. This profile is typically used by breeders and requires basic genetics understanding.

This profile is un-interpreted. Interpretation will incur a additional fee.

Upgrade Fee to Full Genetic Profile:
This is an option to upgrade from the Disease screen to the pedigree dog full profile ie add coat colours, traits and a DNA profile to the disease screen.

You can only upgrade a disease screen up to one month after the sample was received at the lab.

Feline Genetic Disease Screen:
This screen includes several heritable diseases for cats - the price is the same whether you request a single disease or the full panel. See a full list of diseases included in our service directory (pricelist).

ADVANCE Mixed Breed Identification DNA test for dogs:
Clinic must be accredited by ADVANCE to order this test. Please contact your ADVANCE representative for more information.

BREEDER? - Please visit Orivet Genetics

Join the Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Program

Different organizations recognize animals based on specific criteria that are not necessarily health related. The Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Certification Program is designed to have HEALTH as its main focus.
The Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Certification Program was created to help deliver confidence to the public. Confidence in the knowledge that animals obtained with a VGA certificate, have been vet checked and their DNA tested for a wide range of genetic heritable diseases.
The program also offers breeders an opportunity to demonstrate that they make every effort to ensure animals they breed, are clear of genetic or heritable disease

There are 3 documents required for VGA certification. Once received the VGA office will issue the certificate:

1. Genetic Disease Screen Report from a participating laboratory
2. A veterinary clinical examination report - This form can be filled during routine examination
3. Positive identification via a microchip certificate

Visit the VGA Website to Join the program and for more details