Maximising In-Clinic Instruments

Vets that already fully own their in-clinic lab equipment are often not interested in looking at other systems fearing further high leasing or purchase costs. However they are often unaware of the exact running costs of their systems, and are usually even less aware of their margins. In fact pathology systems are generally a lot more expensive to run than they are to buy.

The reagent cost to run a typical pre-anaesthetic screen can vary between $32.00-$40.00 (Haeme & Biochem) while a full screen ranges from $50.00 to $62.00. A large hospital running 2 pre-anaesthetic and 2 full screen screens a day will pay in reagents alone anywhere between $41,000.00 to $53,000.00 per annum depending on the system used.

In comparison, maintenance costs will only be around $3,000.00 to $6,000.00 per annum.

Clinic’s profits also vary significantly and often range between 30%-100%.  At this level profit is estimated at 11,200.00 – to $43,000.00.

ASAP believes in offering our clients a real opportunity to capitalise on in-clinic pathology testing, focusing on delivering comprehensive quality solutions with built-in significant margins that enable you to maximise profits.

ASAP systems offers attractive reagent costs of under $35.00 for a full profile and at similar volumes will typically run reagent costs around $28,000.00 per annum with profit margins of 100%-250%, or $53,000.00 - $69,000.00. Some clinics prefer to lower retail price, making screening more attractive for clients while maintaining healthy margins.

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